Entrepreneur, author, and TEDx Speaker – Avinash Chate is on roll

Avinash Chate is a young entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and best-selling author. He is also a business and leadership consultant, who has presented more than 1000 seminars on a varied range of topics to college students and corporate executives. Chate is also the founder and owner of two firms ABC Trainings and The Future Corporate and Business Coaching.

Avinash was born in a traditional Maharashtrian family in Latur. He is a classic example of parental and peer pressure to perform well academically to make a better life for oneself. Although Chate is an M.Tech, he flunked twice during his academic span – once in Class 12 and later in third year of his Civil Engineering for low attendance. But he took this setback to his stride and completed his education and expanded his knowledge.

Chate is an avid reader and an eloquent speaker. His knowledge is not constrained to his educational stream. Apart from proficiency in 20 CAD-CAM software he also has in-depth understanding of various managerial subjects and entrepreneurial strategies. He has developed and fine-tuned his skill to share this knowledge and make a connection with his audience to motivate them in creating winning strategies to achieve their goals.

Chate’s journey as a speaker started in 2014 when he began seminars on technical/technological topics for engineering students. He realised the immense potential of sharing knowledge with finesse and the power of public speaking. Gradually he expanded his knowledge to various other fields resulting in covering more topics and different audiences. Within a year, he delivered 253 seminars on a vast range of topics. Gradually he was invited by the corporates to address their teams to empower their brands and strengthen the corporate structure with desired changes.

In 2019, Chate compiled all his knowledge, experience, and tools in a book named ‘The Winning Edge’ which is one of the best-selling books in the non-fictional category. He has received several accolades and recognition for his excellence in his profession. He is one of the youngest TEDx speakers. He has been awarded as the Star Motivational Speaker by Life Star National Awards in 2018 and Best Motivational and Leadership Coach by Sakal Media Group in 2019.

Currently, he is researching for his next book ‘Star@india.inc’ which will be published soon.

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