Transforming Corporate Culture: A Successful Collaboration with Global Tech and Piller


Behaviour & Team Building Session at Piller

Introduction: It’s often said that the heart of any company is its people, and the pulse that keeps it vibrant is its leadership. My recent engagement with Global Tech, in a collaborative effort with their JV partner Piller, a renowned German-based company, exemplifies this belief. A special thanks to HR leaders Rakesh Bhosale and Prasad Inamdar for their proactive initiative in setting the stage for this transformative experience.

The Encounter with Leadership: Meeting Vimal Kalaria, the Managing Director at Piller Global (India) Pvt Ltd, was a highlight of the event. His leadership qualities were not just inspiring but were a testament to the thriving culture at Piller. His approach and vision clearly reflect why Piller stands out in the tech industry, not just in Germany, but globally

The Energetic Team and Our Activities: The core of our session was to bolster team-building and refine office behavior, aligning with Global Tech’s ethos of fostering a supportive and collaborative workplace. The team at Global Tech was nothing short of energetic and enthusiastic, fully engaged in every exercise and discussion. This engagement was a clear indicator of the vibrant leadership and the conducive environment cultivated by their leaders.

A Lesson on Leadership and Growth: One key takeaway from this training was the evident impact of strong leadership on a company’s growth. Leaders like Vimal Kalaria and Bhagwan Gujrathi, another pivotal member of the Piller team, demonstrate daily how effective leadership can elevate a company’s performance and morale.

Networking and Beyond: The event also provided a wonderful opportunity to network, sharing insights and ideas over lunch with the team. These interactions are invaluable as they not only broaden professional networks but also deepen understanding of industry dynamics and challenges.

Conclusion:The experience with Global Tech and Piller was not just about training or learning; it was about witnessing firsthand how great leaders inspire their teams, drive growth, and foster an environment ripe for innovation and success. For organizations looking to empower their teams and enhance their corporate culture, our doors are always open.



  Transforming Corporate Culture: A Successful Collaboration with Global Tech and Piller

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